Finding Home UK

Finding Home is a series of films, writings and reflections created in response to the following observation:

In the last ten years of the Hostile Environment in the UK – instability, a lack of a sense of belonging and a desire to make change – has inspired enormous creative response from artists that come from migrant backgrounds. 

​Led by artists and researchers Dr. Elena Marchevska and Carolyn Defrin and filmmaker Winstan Whitter, the work focuses on the power of this responsive art-making as well as the hostile political climate that provokes it. Made in collaboration with activists and artists across the UK and Europe, the films explore policy, acts of art-making and the ways in which CoVid has further impacted notions of home. 

​Including their own complex migrant backgrounds in the research and practice, the team acknowledges their own relationship to the subject matter and works deliberately in non-hierarchical ways with each other and the collaborating artists as a method for resisting a singular view of migration. This speaks to the vibrant and varied migration cultures that comprise the UK and defies what constitutes a ‘good migrants’ narrative in the UK today. 

Works by the London Project Finding Home team

Point of Arrival: Australia | Canada | United Kingdom