Finding Home UK

Finding Home is a series of films, writings and reflections created in response to the following observation:

In the last ten years of the Hostile Environment in the UK- instability, a lack of a sense of belonging and a desire to make change, has inspired enormous creative response from artists that come from migrant backgrounds. 

​Led by artists and researchers Dr. Elena Marchevska and Carolyn Defrin and filmmaker Winstan Whitter, the work focuses on the power of this responsive art-making as well as the hostile political climate that provokes it. Made in collaboration with activists and artists across the UK and Europe, the films explore policy, acts of art-making and the ways in which CoVid has further impacted notions of home. 

​Including their own complex migrant backgrounds in the research and practice, the team acknowledges their own relationship to the subject matter and works deliberately in non-hierarchical ways with each other and the collaborating artists as a method for resisting a singular view of migration. This speaks to the vibrant and varied migration cultures that comprise the UK and defies what constitutes a ‘good migrants’ narrative in the UK today. 

Works by the London Project Finding Home team


Mechanisms of migration control continue to consign migrants upon their arrival to sectors of the economy where there is a demand for racialized and…

At Home

This omnibus of short films made by seven migrant artists during lockdown explores notions of home through daily walks, cooking and special objects.

Point of Arrival: Australia | Canada | United Kingdom