Adding media to posts

There are lots of blocks to insert media with many design options.

Advanced gallery – Kadence block

Use this block to add a group of photos or a slide show. Insert the block, choose the photos from the media gallery, and choose the gallery setting from the block settings.

Advanced slider – Kadence Block

Create slideshows with this block. Choose items from the media gallery. Use ” +Add Slider Item” to add slides. Click on the slider item block , the image icon to add an image for the slide from the media gallery.

Click in the dotted box “Slider” to display the slider block settings.

You can make the slider wide width (shown below), or even full width by placing the cursor in the dotted “SLIDER” box and choosing the “change alignment” icon.

Audio – Media > Audio

The audio block is for uploading your own audio files (most commonly, .mp3 files) to your site.

Video – Embed or
Kadence > Video popup

Use the Embed block to insert URL for such hosted services as YouTube or Vimeo. Choose the embed block by video host.

Video popups are used to provide a static image, which, when clicked starts the video:

See this page: for example of a video pop-up grid.